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On the Issues

Reproductive Rights

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 Access to reproductive healthcare, including the right to choose, is fundamental to gender equality and bodily autonomy. It's essential to safeguard these rights to ensure that individuals can make informed decisions about their own bodies without undue restrictions or barriers.

Protecting IVF

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Supporting and protecting IVF services is crucial for families facing infertility challenges. IVF can be a lifeline for those struggling to conceive, offering hope and the chance to build the families they desire. Ensuring affordable and equitable access to IVF is vital for reproductive healthcare equity.

Public Education

Investing in public education is an investment in our future. Strong public schools provide all children with the opportunity to learn and thrive regardless of their background or circumstances. Adequate funding and support for public education are essential for promoting equality and empowering future generations.

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Health Care

Health care is a human right, and no person should be unable to receive adequate health care just because they can’t afford it or don’t have the right insurance coverage. For years now, leaders under the Gold Dome have refused to take the needed and necessary steps to expand Medicaid coverage and guarantee not only that the majority of Georgians have proper health care coverage, but also insure rural hospitals have the financial resources needed to remain viable and able to provide services to the communities that desperately need them. Forty states have expanded Medicaid since the Affordable Care Act was first passed over a decade ago, yet Georgia remains one of the ten that refuses to expand and thus leaves billions in Federal monies on the table. I will fight to make sure that Georgia expands Medicaid, receives the federal portion that we’ve so long left on the table, and work to make sure that every Georgian has close, accessible, and affordable health care. 

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Voting Rights


The right to vote is sacred, and voting is the bedrock of our democracy. Instead of working to make sure that voting is as easy and accessible as possible, Republican’s under the Gold Dome have used conspiracy theories and faulty information to pass numerous bills that have worked to throw up roadblocks and obstacles in front of voters. Voting security is important, but it can not be used as a veil behind which bad laws are passed that make voting more difficult. I will be a champion for voting rights, working to make sure that voting in GA is secure, safe, and most importantly, as easy and accessible as possible. 

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